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As a Certified Financial Planner, Thomas Watson brings a wealth of financial knowledge and expertise to his role as a content creator. Driven by a passion for empowering individuals with the tools and understanding they need to take control of their personal finances, Thomas leverages data-driven insights to craft engaging and informative content that educates and inspires.
Student Loan Defaults Trigger Wage and Tax Penalties

Student Loan Defaults Trigger Wage and Tax Penalties

The repercussions of student loan defaults can be far-reaching and severe, extending beyond mere credit score reduction when wage garnishment and tax refund interceptions occur. With up to 15% of disposable income at risk for federal loans and up to 25% for private loans, these significant implications underscore the necessity

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Are You Liable for Spouse's Student Debt

Are You Liable for Spouse’s Student Debt

Beginning on the journey of marriage is like steering an ocean, with student debt potentially acting as hidden, treacherous rocks below the surface. You may be questioning whether you are liable for your spouse’s student debt, a question that’s as complex as it is important. Your financial health may be

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Loan Forgiveness Options for Elderly

Biden’s Broadened Efforts: Loan Forgiveness Options for Elderly

You might not be aware, but the Biden administration has recently broadened the scope of student loan forgiveness. This expansion targets military personnel, disabled borrowers, scammed students, and public service workers. But what does that mean for you? How could this impact your financial future? Stick around to discover the

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Ascendium Education

Ascendium Education Empowering Student Loan Borrowers

As the largest federal student loan servicer in the United States, Ascendium Education Group plays a critical role in shaping the experiences of millions of borrowers. The company’s evolution from Great Lakes Educational Loan Services to Ascendium, and its subsequent expansion into a broad range of services like default assistance

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sollers college loan forgiveness

Sollers College Loan Forgiveness, Lawsuit & Repayment Options | 2023.

Not too long ago, Sollers College in New Jersey made a big announcement: they’re canceling $3.4 million in student loans. This comes after a government lawsuit called them out for misleading practices. They had been boasting about job opportunities and big-name company connections to attract students. The Federal Trade Commission

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usps student loan forgiveness

(USPS) Postal Workers Qualify for Loan Forgiveness | 2023

Do USPS workers qualify for student loan forgiveness? The short answer is, absolutely.  As employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS), a government entity, USPS workers are eligible for various federal student loan forgiveness programs, including the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF).  This article will delve into these

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what is a parent plus loan

Are Parent Plus Loans Eligible for Forgiveness? Yes | 2023

As a student loan advisor, I continually interact with families seeking ways to support their children’s dreams of a college education. A popular yet sometimes misunderstood tool at their disposal is the federal Parent PLUS loan. When properly used, these loans can bridge the financial gap and make a college

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How to build credit as a college student

How to build credit as a college student | 2023

Greetings, Today, I’m here to discuss a critical topic that doesn’t get enough attention — credit. But I’m not talking about college credit for coursework. Instead, I’m focusing on the kind of credit a college student will need when they graduate. I’m talking about building a good financial credit history

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