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If you have been served or summoned to court by Absolute Resolutions Investments (ARI), you must contest it. Despite the fear, it is crucial not to neglect the case. The following article will instruct you on how to prevail over ARI in the courtroom.

Let’s start now.

What is Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC?

Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC is a debt purchasing and collecting company based in Minnesota. Absolute Resolutions Corporation specializes in acquiring delinquent debt accounts from credit card companies and banks at a reduced price, then thereafter reaching out to the debtor to recover the full original amount owing.

ARI usually collaborates with Stenger & Stenger, P.C. to initiate debt collection legal actions. Joe Jammal, Preston Nate, and Joshua Stiers are among the lawyers who regularly represent the corporation in legal proceedings.

Examine the court Summons and Complaint for their names, as these attorneys specialize in litigating against individuals like you for debt.

Some of the company’s cases are filed without the appropriate assignment or title papers. This indicates their inability to substantiate their argument, providing you with a strong chance of winning in court.

Contact details for Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC

  • When attempting to reach ARI-RES, the website will direct you to Absolute Resolutions Corporation’s website. These two companies are identical. If you need to contact someone at ARI regarding your debt account, you can use one of the following phone numbers:
  • Phone number: 1-800-713-0670 1-619-564-6400
  • Contact Absolute Resolutions Corporation at: 8000 Norman Center Dr., #350 Bloomington, MN 55437 Email:

Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC has received negative ratings.

If you are experiencing frustration with Absolute Resolutions, you are not the only one.
The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau under two profiles: Absolute Resolutions Investments and Absolute Resolutions Corporation. Combined, these two BBB accounts have accumulated over 50 complaints regarding the company. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has received 98 complaints against ARI over the past decade.

Several customer complaints exhibit a recognizable pattern. Consumers claim that the debt is not theirs, and frequently, ARI has bought the debt but cannot verify it. Additional customer grievances are falling prey to identity theft and encountering challenges or impossibilities when dealing with ARI.

Many complaints indicate that ARI is willing to breach the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to collect a debt. Understanding your consumer rights might empower you to defend yourself from unjust debt collection methods.

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you are entitled to rights.

  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act safeguards consumers from unfair debt collection techniques. Several debt collection firms have engaged in unethical practices to compel individuals to settle their debts. The FDCPA prohibits this.
  • The FDCPA violations encompass the following:
  • Requesting payment exceeding the amount owed.
  • Requesting interest payment or additional fees not part of the initial agreement.
  • Making many phone calls before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • Engaging in vulgar or offensive language.
  • Using violence as a threat to coerce payment.
  • Misrepresenting their identity.
  • Discussing your debt with someone outside of the situation, such as friends, family, or colleagues.
  • Reaching out to you at your workplace while being aware that it is prohibited.
  • Collecting the debt following a dispute raised without verification.

You can qualify for compensation if Absolute Resolutions has employed any of these strategies in their communication over a debt. Report this behavior to the Federal Trade Commission. Consider launching a counterclaim if ARI has already initiated legal action against you.

Submit a Debt Validation Letter to Absolute Resolutions

Debt collectors must provide evidence that the debt belongs to you and that all account information is correct. Absolute Resolutions is known for their inaccurate account information when attempting to recover debts.

To prevent a debt lawsuit, it is advisable to obtain a debt validation and send a Debt Validation Letter to Absolute Resolution Investments.

This letter is potent and frequently halts debt collectors in their actions. It enforces your rights as outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The request includes asking the collector to provide evidence of the debt, cease all communication for other purposes, and insist on reporting the amount as disputed.

If ARI is unable to find the necessary evidence to authenticate a debt, they are likely to cease communication over the issue.

Why is Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC suing me?

Debt collectors sue individuals primarily due to the presence of an unpaid sum that they assess as collectible. If their conventional methods to collect payment are unsuccessful, they will initiate legal action.

Occasionally, it involves identity theft or fraud. Report such a situation promptly to the Fair Trade Commission (FTC). If ARI or any of the mentioned aliases in this blog are taking legal action against you, do not disregard the Summons and Complaint. Many consumers, without knowledge on how to address a debt collection lawsuit, opt to ignore it in the belief that it would go. Instead, retaliate and triumph in your lawsuit!

Here is the method.

Address a lawsuit for debt collection filed by Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC.
When sued by a debt collection agency such as Absolute Resolutions, you will get legal papers in the mail known as the Summons and Complaint (referred to as the Petition in certain jurisdictions like Texas). The Summons informs you about the legal case, whereas the Complaint details the particular allegations made against you.

Depending on your state of residence, you have a maximum of 35 days to reply to a debt collection case. Failure to react promptly may result in ARI seeking a default judgment in the lawsuit. If the court approves this motion, you will automatically lose. ARI can garnish your pay and confiscate your possessions through a default judgment. Respond promptly.

Respond to a debt action against Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC by following these three steps:

  • Address each allegation in the Complaint.
  • State your positive defenses.
  • Submit your Answer document to the court and provide a copy to ARI.

Address each allegation in the Complaint.

As previously said, the Complaint document details all the particular allegations that ARI is asserting against you. The initial part of your Answer paper should address each of these claims separately in a list format.

Choose one of these responses to address a statement made in the Complaint:
Confess. This is akin to asserting, “This is accurate.”
Refuse. This is akin to requesting evidence or verification.
Reject due to insufficient information. This is akin to expressing uncertainty.

Many attorneys advise denying as many claims as you can. At this stage of the action, the burden of proof lies with Absolute Resolution, making your case stronger.

ARI must substantiate its truth with appropriate documentation whenever a claim is denied. They may dismiss the case entirely if they lack sufficient evidence to support their assertions.

State your positive defenses

Subsequently, your Answer paper should concentrate on presenting your affirmative defenses. An affirmative defense is a series of facts presented by the defendant to counter the plaintiff’s claims. An affirmative defense is a legal argument that could prevent ARI from winning their case.

One of the most popular affirmative defenses against debt collectors is the debt’s expired statute of limitations. There are other affirmative defenses as well.

The statute of limitations determines when creditors can file a lawsuit against you for a debt. Regulations vary by state but often span from four to six years.

The statute of limitations usually starts on the final day of account activity related to the debt. Any payment or debt growth on an account might reset the statute of limitations. Avoid making payments to a debt collector before you confirm if the obligation falls inside the statute of limitations.

Submit your response to the court and provide a copy to ARI.

After completing your Answer document, promptly submit it to the court. You have the option to submit the document by hand at the courthouse, send it via mail, or electronically file it if allowed by the court.

Additionally, you must duplicate the Answer document and forward it to the attorneys representing Absolute Resolutions. You can find their address on the court Summons letter you received initially. Send the Answer copy via certified USPS mail with a return receipt requested.

Resolve your debt with Absolute Resolutions Investments LLC
If you are aware of your debt and have the means to pay it partially, you should contemplate proposing a debt settlement agreement.

Absolute Resolutions is a professional debt-acquiring organization that acquires existing debts at very low prices. This implies that they are typically open to accepting a reduced payment to clear the debt, which is less than the initial amount owed.

Debt Management Success simplifies the initiation of the settlement negotiating process. Debt Management Success may help you save money, avoid legal proceedings, and permanently resolve issues with Absolute Resolutions Investments.

You can defeat Absolute Resolutions Investments.

If you follow the correct measures, you can successfully defeat Absolute Resolutions Investments in lawsuits despite their frightening nature. Be knowledgeable about your rights as outlined in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Issue a Debt Validation Letter upon initial contact. Always address the lawsuit.

Prepare a response document addressing each claim and asserting your affirmative defenses.
Submit your response to the court and provide a duplicate to ARI’s attorneys.
Send a Debt Lawsuit Settlement Letter to resolve the debt outside of court.

If your debt has not been taken to court, you can contest it more easily.


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